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Please be advised that Forklift cargo will NOT be accepted at our Jacksonville Terminal as of Wednesday April 25th. We will keep everyone updated on when we are able to accept Forklift cargo at Jacksonville, so please stay tuned.

Due to space and Forklift cargo loading limitations, we MUST STOP all Forklifts deliveries to Jacksonville starting Wednesday April 25th. This means you have Friday, Monday and Tuesday to get your booked forklift cargo delivered, as there will be ZERO exceptions as of Wednesday April 25th.

Date: 04/19/2018

Re: Acceptance of forklift Passenger Vehicles

We are pleased to announce that effective immediately, Höegh Autoliners will resume acceptance of forklift vehicles onboard our vessels.

There are some conditional requirements to ensure safe receipt and handling of this cargo. Forklift units may be accepted with the following conditions:

-Inoperable steering

-Inoperable brakes

-Inoperable transmission

-Moderate damage to the vehicle. Damaged bumper and / or panels with sharp edges must be removed from the vehicle to prevent injury during handling / loading.

-Flood damaged vehicles

In each of these cases, the battery must be removed from the vehicle prior to delivery. All vehicles must be free of any leaking fluids. Vehicles with broken glass can be accepted, but all glass fragments must be completely removed from the vehicle prior to delivery.

Units with extensive damage that are unable to be lashed directly to the wheel for safe loading will not be accepted. Units with flat tires will be accepted provided the wheel is safely intact.

Forklift units will only be accepted on Höegh Autoliners’ vessels and in limited quantities.

The applicable surcharge for forklift handling is USD 300.00 per passenger vehicle up to 28 cbms.

Date: 04/17/2018

Please take note, Newark Terminal will not accept any Lagos Forklift cargo starting Tomorrow Tuesday April 17th and will resume Lagos Forklift acceptance on May 3rd.  Cotonou and Lome Forklift cargo will not be effected.

Date: 04/16/2018

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